How to Style the Apple Figure

Your Styling Goals

Because your midsection is typically where you carry the majority of your weight, your styling goal is to draw attention away from it. You can do this by avoiding low-riding pants, shorts, or skirts; avoiding crop top type shirts, clingy shirts or dresses, and thick belts. You were blessed with gorgeous legs and a great bust - show it off!

Tops For The Apple

As an apple shape, you naturally have a great bust - it's time to flaunt it! Wear shirts that have a v-neckline, or any plunging neckline. This isn't to say you need to show it all, ladies;  we're just saying that  emphasizing your best asset a little bit will certainly take attention away from your midsection and help to balance your figure.

Your shirt should fall just below your hip bone, or you could rock a shirt that goes just past your bottom. Tunics are a great option for you, as long as they have a little bit of structure to them, otherwise they will make your figure look shapeless.

Helpful Hint: Avoid fabric that is too clingy. Instead, opt for more textured fabrics.

Dresses For The Apple

A-line dresses basically come with a built in figure - and here's the good news: you have the best legs to flaunt in a dress! So don't be afraid to go for it! Also, you can try a dress with a tie at the waist. It will help add definition to your body. 

Bottoms For The Apple

Wear pants with back pockets to help your bottom appear larger than it is and balance out your midsection. Great styling options for your figure are denim, trouser cut, flared, wide-legs, or boot cut. Bonus points for high waisted - it'll give you some definition!