Before we begin, I would like to make a small disclaimer: we don't encourage you to wear what's trendy, but instead, wear what makes you feel your best — and we mean that! BUT, sometimes when we simply try the season's trends, we find something new that we never knew we loved. For example, when snake skin was all the rage last fall, I was wary at first because I could never see myself wearing that print; but, because it was everywhere, I finally decided to try it on, and once I did, I fell in love with it! So, while we don't encourage you to wear what's trendy, we DO encourage you to step outside your comfort zone every once in a while and try something new. And we hope that by sharing what trends we're loving this spring, we can inspire you to find a new style that you feel good in. With that being said, let's begin!

Embroidery & Crochet

Where are our 1960s hippie babes at? Remember that little crochet dress you used to have? The one that you had to wear a flesh colored body stocking underneath? Well, get it back out because crochet is making a comeback this year!

Okay, we know that you don't really want to try and slip into a body stocking to rock your crochet, so might we suggest wearing little hints of it instead?

We have a couple of tops that have just a touch of embroidery that can be paired with jeans and a statement necklace to modernize this look.

Take a look at the sleeves on this gauze top to the left. They really channel the 1960s boho look without going too overboard. And, we love how it features a subtle tye-dye print!

This top from Tribal below is another perfect spring top that features the embroidery / crochet look while still performing the duties of a casual chic white tee. We don't always have to go all in on the trends — sometimes we just need to dip our toes in the water.

And, the outfits you see above just killed three birds with one stone, because two more spring trends we're loving are florals and interesting sleeve designs! We know that florals can be a bit tricky to wear, because when they're not done properly, we start to look like grandma's old curtains. One of the tricks we've found is to pair your floral tops with a pair of stylish jeans and a bold silver necklace; this helps them to look more springtime and less matronly.

Retro Prints

Speaking of grandma's old curtains, retro prints are also making a comeback! I'm telling you, this spring is really celebrating the 60s and 70s. It's so interesting how fashion always comes back around — I don't know why we get rid of anything. If we hold on to all of our old clothes long enough, we will eventually get to wear them again!

Here's the catch, though: sometimes, as we age, we start to notice that those bright, bold colors don't look as good on us anymore. But, what's really happening is that they don't look as good right next to our face. So try wearing one of these bold prints and tone it down by wearing a solid confetti scarf or a denim jacket over it! You'll be surprised the difference it makes.


Spring and summer are the prime times to play with color, and neon has been popular for a while! You don't have to wear a bright highlighter yellow jumpsuit to try out this trend; just add pops of a bright citron, hot pink or lime green into your outfit.

The pink tie-knot top shown above would be perfect for this trend! You can also wear bright statement earrings with a more toned down outfit, like these lime green Sylca ones pictured.

If you've never heard our lecture on statement earrings, here it is: when you're wearing a pair of big, bold earrings, you usually don't need to pair a necklace with them. You want your statement earrings to be the focal point when it comes to your accessories,

If you're one of our braver ladies who isn't afraid of color, this vivid Habitat top is a flawless execution of the neon spring trend. It has the dramatic neon tones while still keeping its cool with a hint of mint.

The beauty of this shirt is that it can be worn with a whole multitude of different pants. It has that dark blue in there so it can be worn with jeans or navy blue pants; it also has that nice bit of white that helps to break everything up, which lends itself to wearing it with a pair of white jeggings or Bermuda shorts.

Light Pink & Blue

Before you put away all of your winter clothes, keep your blush-colored outfits out because the light pink trend is not going away just yet! The only thing changing is the way you style it. Instead of wearing that gorgeous faux fur coat over it, pair it with a denim jacket or a light blue cardigan. Marry those pastels together!

For some of us with lighter complexions, we understand that this fantastic blush color can make us look pale and washed out. Don't worry, we have a solution for that! Why not try wearing a white blouse with your light blue and just pop a blush necklace on top of it? Again, just dip your toes in the water!

Polka Dots

Although polka dots have always been a wardrobe staple, we've noticed that they have been kind of taking a back seat to the ever-so-popular leopard print. Not anymore! The runways of New York Fashion week were filled with dotted delicacies, from pants to blouses to dresses!

One thing that we loooove about polka dots, particularly of the black and white variety, is that they pair with just about any bright color! Here, we have them paired with lime green, but they also look stunning with hot pink, turquoise or yellow. Basically, just pick your favorite bright color and throw on some polka dots with it!

We hope that we inspired you to dig through your closet and start putting together some fun spring outfits! We certainly had fun sifting through our boutique to put these together for you!

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