The Chandler Clay Collective is Erin's line of handmade polymer clay earrings! Many of the earrings you see here are handmade with a specific Judy Wear outfit in mind, which means they pair perfectly with one of more of Judy's tops or dresses! The earrings are made of the same clay that Sandi's beads annd stackers are made of. Erin's process begins with hand-mixing colors that match the clothing. She then uses a pasta machine and an acrylic roller to flatten out the clay. From there, she might add in some patterns or embossing to the clay slabs. She then cuts shapes into the slabs, bakes the shapes in the oven until they harden, drills a few holes, and attaches earring backs. It's a labor of love! Please bear in mind that these earrings are not perfect, as they are all handmade —  but that's what makes them unique and fun!