How to Style the Pear Figure

Your Styling Goals

Curvy hips, thick thighs, a defined waist and a full bottom define our lovely pear! Her bust and shoulders, however, are not as endowed. Your goal, Miss Pear, is to draw attention to your upper body while de-emphasizing your lower half in order to balance out your figure. 

Tops For The Pear

The most important part of your outfit! Bold! Big prints! Embellishments! Hello, look up here! Catch the eye with a fun top! Wide necklines and scoop necks help to make your shoulders appear broader and emphasize your bust - and scarves can have the same effect. If you're looking for a loose-fitting top, make sure that it drapes past the hips, so as to cover them and help to extend your torso. 


Helpful Hint: Don't be afraid to layer! Layering your tank tops, blouses and cardigans adds bulk to your torso, and evens out your body's proportions!

Dresses For The Pear

Dresses that hit the knee are ideal for the pear. If they sit higher, they force the eye to linger at one of the thickest parts of the body. Seek dresses with ruffles at the hem, or fun detail at the bottom, as they draw attention to your curvy bottom half without adding bulk to your hips. Dresses that are banded at the waist and cover up your shoulders for added bulk are your perfect candidate for a balanced figure.

Bottoms For The Pear

Dark, dark, dark! Your goal is to keep the eye drawn away from the hips, and dark colors do just that. The eye naturally tends to skip over dark colors. Straight leg pants, or pants with a slight flare at the bottom will also help to create a bottom half with full volume all the way down, instead of just showcasing the wide hips and thighs. 

Accessories For The Pear

Pear women have extra fun because they get to go crazy with accessories! Big, statement necklaces that sit around the collarbone bring the eye up to the bust area, giving the illusion of weight. This also helps to detract from the lower half. 


So, yes, that means that the pears get to buy all the fun necklaces and giant earrings and scarves that they can handle!