How to Style the Rectangle Figure

Your Styling Goals

Okay, so you may lack some curves - but hey, you're thin! This is definitely one of the most common body types, and undoubtedly one of the easiest to style. Your goal is to show off your thin profile, break up your silhouette a bit and create curves using your clothes. 

Tops For The Rectangle

You can help add some "weight" to your bust area by wearing tops with a lot of flare, or embellishment around the neckline. Strong color blocks will also help to give your figure some dimension, as well as shoulder pads. Medium to high necklines are best. 

Your main goal with any of your tops or coats is to find one that emphasizes the waist.


Helpful Hint: Try tucking in your blouse! Many rectangle women find it flatters their shape.

Dresses For The Rectangle

No matter which dress you choose, you can create the illusion of a defined waist by adding a belt! It's typically easier to do this on dresses that aren't quite as form fitting. Dresses with ruffles or frills will help you to add some volume and give you a boost of femininity to your style. 

Bottoms For The Rectangle

Steer clear of baggy pants, as they will add a more masculine touch to your figure. Instead, go for leggings or skinny jeans with a cute pair of flats. Low to mid-waisted work best for you.

A-line skirts definitely help to give the body some curvature, however, if you are a rectangle that does have somewhat of a waist, don't be afraid to rock a tight skirt or pants to show it off.