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The Judy Wear Story

After teaching for 30 years, Judy developed a newfound passion for style. In 2015, she opened a boutique with a partner in Sierra Vista where she lived. After two years, she decided to leave that business behind and move to Chandler to be closer to her children. She opened Judy Wear Boutique in February 2018 with the dream of sharing her passion with the women of the East Valley. 

A Mother & Daughter [In-Law] Duo

Judy and Erin  created a one-stop shopping experience for the women in the East Valley. Erin has been a tremendous asset to JudyWear Boutique. She  is now venturing out to create her own boutique, called LunchMoney!!!  Erin has been instrumental in  purchasing the  jewelry, designing the website, working on social media and branding, as well as handling the technology-related aspects, as well as helping with Style Shows and special events.  She will be missed,  yet we are excited for her new opportunity. With a small team of awesome women  Judy will continue to provide the best service and timeless and fashion forward styles.

Our Mission

We believe that fashion should be fun and functional. By functional, we mean that our goal is to sell clothing that can be worn no matter the place or the season. At Judy Wear Boutique, we encourage you to step out of the box and explore your style. We strive to cater to women of all ages, professions, body types and personalities with our hand-picked selection of timeless attire. 

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